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Indoor Air Quality Testing In Vancouver

Air is invisible, and so too are harmful contaminants that could endanger your health and that of your family. These often odorless and colorless contaminants include: carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, bacteria, yeast, mold, allergens, radon, aerobiology, and precipitated particulate. These problems are of utmost importance, and in order to deal with them, we must first identify them.

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Our Vancouver Indoor Air Quality Services

In order to solve the problem of contaminants and poor quality, unclean air, clients should start with an air quality test. In order to monitor your home air quality, it is best to contact a professional who can properly assess your air and let you know just how clean it is. If you are looking for an air quality inspection specialist, Modern PURAIR has the team of experts for the job.

The Benefits Of Indoor Air Quality Testing In Vancouver

While there are many residential air testing kits on the market for those attempting a DIY project, nothing beats the precise results of a specialist firm that can measure using professional equipment with exact meters. After conducting a Vancouver air quality test, our consultants can provide tangible solutions and a management plan for indoor air problems, explaining the guidelines on how to tackle and solve contaminant issues and achieve acceptable standards.

Our technicians provide you with a report; an assessment with a full spreadsheet of results. Normally this service would cost $499, but prospective Vancouver clients can now benefit from a special of 3 days of air quality testing in Vancouver, as well as a full report. The service will only cost you $399.


Clean More Than Your Home’s Surface To Reduce Bacteria & Allergens

If you are located in Vancouver, and you are looking for a perfect service provider to meet your needs, then you should look no further than Modern PURAIR for all your air quality testing. When dealing with indoor air pollutants, whether they are minor or major irritants, our company is here to ensure your family’s health by providing you with our many services.



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Our Services in Vancouver Include:

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-Dryer Vent Cleaning
-Certification Program
-Filter Maintenance Program
-Indoor Air Quality Testing
-Air Unit Cleaning
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