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Nest Learning Thermostats In Vancouver

Modern PURAIR® is now a Preferred Concierge Installer and Re-Seller of Nest® Learning Thermostats

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Tired of thinking of more and more ways to save money on your energy bills? Maybe you should consider installing a new furnace thermostat in Vancouver in your home.

If you are indeed thinking of one, take a look at the Vancouver Nest Learning Thermostat. This device is made especially for serving its main purposes: keep your home warm just the way you like it while keeping your energy costs low. We’d say it looks out after your interests, wouldn’t you?

This smart furnace thermostat actively learns what you like and helps you be comfortable in your own home by adjusting the temperature accordingly to your preferences and schedule. And with its smart way of being, it pays for itself in about two years, by saving you money on heating and cooling bills around the year.

The Benefits Of A Vancouver Smart Thermostat

All you need to do after installing it (the process should take a bit under a half an hour) is use it for a week’s time. Afterwards, the Vancouver furnace thermostat will automatically adapt as the seasons and your life change.

Additionally, you can control the furnace thermostat in Vancouver remotely through the Nest app. Any change in temperature that you make on the app, will instantly get adjusted on the home thermostat (which needs to be connected to a Wi-Fi network for this process to take place).

No longer do you need to worry if your house is getting too hot or too cold while you are away, if your furnace or your AC is working well or even when you need to change your HVAC filters as this innovative Vancouver smart thermostat sends you alerts on any issue that might come up.

Modern PURAIR is on track with the newest market additions and is eager to help you make the best choices when it comes to the comfort and heating of your home.  Call us for your next Vancouver furnace thermostat installation.



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Auto Schedule™
No more programming hassles. Nest learns the temperatures you like and programs itself.

Auto Away™
Nest automatically turns itself off to an energy-saving temp when your not home.

Remote Control
Connect Nest to Wi-Fi to change the temp or adjust your schedule from a smartphone, tablet or laptop.